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The Entire Solutions to Manage Branded URLs will allow you to personalize, track, and share a single or millions of short links flawlessly., a link shortener, includes numerous features that let you customize your shortened link and create the perfect call-to-action, as well as the ability to track and engage with your followers whenever you share your content with it.

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Custom Domains lets you work with numerous domains and subdomains at the same time. With one click, you can simply transfer your domains and view distinct audiences for every brand, or website. Creating your very own domain to develop strong trust between audiences and enhance your brand growth. It is very beneficial to your marketing efforts.

Advanced Statistics

An assertive advanced dashboard, with statistics on the people, software, operating systems, browsers, and languages will help you to get more information about a user. The collected information on clicks is essential for advertisers and marketers.

The entire solution to manage branded URLs.

Link Expiration

After the short URL reaches its expiration date, the temporary URL feature redirects visitors to a new destination URL. The temporary URL does not obscure any necessary information regarding the original URL. You establish a short link, the link’s expiry time, or the number of clicks. When the link ends its relevance, users are automatically redirected to a new destination.

Bulk URL Generator

A batch shrink URL should be imported by making use of CSV and it can be shortened within seconds. Try extremely rapid Bulk URL functionality to produce shortened URLs for an entire set of links easily. With the user-friendly interface, anyone can operate it with ease.

Additional Features Of URLs

Modern and simple interface to manage your links and control your instance

Shorten URL

A URL shortener that works to attract attention to your brand name. It offers a custom URL shortener that makes it easy for your customers to remember your brand name and help you attract traffic to your website. As you take care on the character limit or plan to keep graphics well, it can allow you to share more relevant content with your audience.


Design space for efficiently listing every single of your URLs inside a specific group. When you shorten your URL using at the time, provides a space name for better reference.

Additional Domains is a URL shortener tool that will wind up with more domains by shortening the URL. This is a great advantage for those who want to keep their links short and easy to remember, while still having a unique and branded domain name. Therefore, provided some additional domains to use.

Link Deactivation

You can deactivate your shorten URL anytime when you feel that it is no longer needed. As link deactivation is beneficial if you worry about the possible business-related suspects you can deactivate your link instantly. Link deactivation will allow you to switch to a 404 page quickly if the links on your site are deactivated.

Reseller Coupons

We allow customers to create coupons and distribute them among their followers for a quick profit. Based on your needs, will provide you with discount codes and you can give those to other associates, as well as receive exclusive payment directly in your pocket for sold coupons

Auto Generate QR Code

There's no denying the ubiquity of the QR code. URL.IE is very user-friendly. All you need to do is paste a URL into the text box and click on the button, and your QR code for the shortened link will be generated automatically, which can be scanned using a QR code reader app on your mobile phone effortlessly.

Domain Migration

The domain migration process is quite smooth, transferring URLs from one domain to another can be accomplished with a single click. It is the technique of securely changing URLs between domains without data loss.

Auto Delete URL

We provide a secure channel to protect your link with automatic deletion of the URL. You can specify the timeframe, once that duration ends the shortened link will automatically delete. Moreover, share your link without hesitation.

Data Export CSV

Through one can effortlessly create a short link, track, and export batches of shrink URLs. Your every short link will be gathered in one CSV file and once all the links are shortened, One can easily export the CSV files flawlessly.

Link Password

Limit access to the website URL with a unique password so other users who access the content will be prompted to enter that password before they are permitted to enter it. The cause of this particular function of the password-protected site is that the crawler does not easily view it.

UTM Builder UTM tags can help you identify exactly which traffic and advertising sources led to the content of a specific page. A link with UTM parameters is too long. You can shorten UTM-coded links, or add UTM parameters straight into a web address directly from

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